Which contact lens solution do I need?

If you wear monthly contact lenses or two weekly contact lenses, it’s very important that you know how to take care of your lenses properly.

Most two weekly or monthly contact lenses can be worn daily, before needing to be removed at night. They then will need to be cleaned thoroughly and stored using a contact lens solution to ensure they are fresh, clean and hygienic when you go to put them in the next morning.

How you clean them, however, is entirely up to you and your lifestyle.

If you’re a rigid gas permeable contact lens wearer, you’ll find that your options are more limited in how you wish to clean them, however you can still find a range of solutions suited to your lenses.

Most contact lens wearers opt for soft contact lenses though, meaning you have a number of options for your contact lens cleaning routine.

What are multi-purpose contact lens solutions?

The most convenient of contact lens solutions, multi-purpose solutions offer an all-in-one product designed to clean, disinfect, rinse and store your contact lenses.

Most are suitable for all soft contact lenses, while there are even multi-purpose contact lens solutions for rigid gas permeable contact lenses available.

The very best for those with a hectic, busy lifestyle, this solution can be the answer to all of your needs. After a full day of wear, just remove your lenses, cover with multi-purpose solution and rub gently to loosen any dirt or debris. Then, you can rinse again with fresh solution from the same bottle. You can then fill up your contact lens case with more solution and place your lenses inside to store overnight. This same solution can even be used to rinse your contact lens case the next day when you’ve taken out your lenses and before you use it again for storage.

With all your needs catered for by an all-in-one product such as our fantastic selection of multi-purpose contact lens solutions, you’ll save time and effort looking after your lenses.

What are rigid gas permeable contact lens solutions?

When it comes to cleaning rigid and gas permeable contact lenses, you’ll need to use a certain solution known as a rigid gas permeable contact lens solution.

These contact lens solutions have been specifically designed to clean the surfaces of rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which typically don’t feature any water in their design and are predominantly made from silicone. As a result, these lenses require a different type of solution for cleaning.

Fortunately, you can find a range of RGP solutions tailored to different contact lens cleaning needs.

We provide rigid gas permeable contact lens solutions that offer a two-step process for cleaning and neutralising your contact lenses with both Boston Advance and Total Care solutions. Alternatively, you can find convenient multi-purpose contact lens solution for rigid gas permeable contact lenses such as Boston Simplus.

What are saline solutions?

Saline solutions are gentle, preservative-free contact lens solutions, comprised of a sterile mix of salt and water. These solutions are suitable for rinsing and storing your soft contact lenses, working to wash away any loosened dirt or debris from the surface, and to rewet your lenses and enhance comfort.

Due to their disinfectant-free design, saline solutions are not suitable to use for cleaning or disinfecting your lenses, and you’ll need to use a contact lens cleaner prior to using saline. However, you’ll still find saline solution an effective product to use for the final steps of your contact lens cleaning routine.

In addition, you’ll find saline solution a helpful addition to your contact lens cleaning kit if your lens picks up any dirt or dust over the course of the day. Just remove your lens and give it a quick rinse with saline solution, then you can reapply your lens and carry on with your day.

Popular saline solutions include Lens Plus and Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution.

What are hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions?

Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions typically provide a deeper clean and achieve a higher level of hygiene than other solutions, while being more suited to sensitive eyes.

These solutions have been designed to take care of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing all soft contact lenses. They don’t contain the preservatives that multi-purpose contact lens solutions often feature, which makes them ideal for anyone allergic to preservatives, or for those with ultra-sensitive eyes.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions come with a special contact lens case, that features a basket to go inside the case. To clean your lenses with this solution, just place your lens in the basket and rinse with a few drops of solution, before adding the basket to your solution-filled case, then leaving overnight.

Some of these specialised contact lens cases will have a built-in neutraliser, to help neutralise your hydrogen peroxide solution (and as such, your lenses) after cleaning. This ensures your contact lenses are safe to wear and minimises the risk of irritation or discomfort. Solutions such as EasySept and AOsept Plus HydraGlyde offer these specialised contact lens cases, while Oxysept 1 Step is accompanied by a supply of neutralising tablets to add to the solution-filled case, neutralising your lenses and ensuring they’re safe to wear again.

Does contact lens solution expire?

Yes, contact lens solution does always have an expiration date, regardless of whether it’s a multi-purpose, saline, hydrogen peroxide or RGP solution.

Using contact lens solution after it’s expiration date can be hazardous as it may become contaminated and lead to a build-up of bacteria or an infection.

Therefore, the expiration date is very important, and you should always check this when you open your new bottle and know when your current bottle is going to expire.

Which contact lens solution can I use to store my extended wear contact lenses?

If at some point during your wear, you need to remove your extended wear contact lenses, then you should make sure to store them in a contact lens case filled with fresh solution.

You’ll need to use a cleaning and storing solution for your extended wear lenses before you put them back in, which will help to eliminate any dirt or build-up on the lens, as well as to rewet and condition your lenses for a comfortable wear.

For cleaning and storing extended wear contact lenses, you’ll need to use a multi-purpose solution, a hydrogen peroxide solution or a combination of both a contact lens cleaner and saline solution. Alternatively, if your extended wear lenses are RGP contact lenses, you can use a rigid gas permeable contact lens solution to clean and store them.

Can contact lens solution go in hand luggage?

One of the difficulties of being a contact lens wearer, is looking after your lenses when you go on holiday. Contact lens solution is typically sold in larger bottles that don’t comply with airport regulations that liquids under 100ml can’t be packed into hand luggage.

Fortunately, you can keep up with the same contact lens cleaning routine with a range of travel packs of contact lens solution, available at FeelGoodContacts.ie. All under 100ml, these travel packs can keep you stocked up on enough contact lens solution to last for your holiday away, often available in multi-packs with contact lens cases provided.

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