Alcon Contact Lenses and Solutions

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Alcon & Ciba Vision contact lenses and solutions

Since Alcon and Ciba Vision have merged under the trusted and worldwide Alcon brand, the manufacturer has been able to stake its claim as one of the leading names in contact lenses and eye care products. Their varied range of contact lenses, solutions, eye drops, and all other eye care accessories are some of the most popular on the market and offer something for everyone.

All of the Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) contact lenses and eye care products you’ll find at are available for up to 50% cheaper than from high street opticians. We also offer a Price Match Guarantee, as well as free delivery on all orders over €55, for even better value for money.

Alcon & Ciba Vision contact lenses

Alcon have an extensive range of contact lenses to meet any of your needs. Their daily disposable contact lenses, such as Focus Dailies All Day Comfort, and its recent upgrade Dailies AquaComfort Plus, offer daily wear options that ensure your eyes stay fresh, vision stays clear and lenses stay comfortable from morning till night. Those with extra sensitive eyes can enjoy Dailies Total 1, the world’s first water gradient contact lens. A proud creation of Alcon, this silicone hydrogel contact lens has been designed for increased breathability, keeping your lenses fresher for longer.

If you’re after monthly contact lenses, enjoy superior comfort with Air Optix Aqua contact lenses. These are also available as toric lenses to correct astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses and extended wear lenses (contact lenses designed for continuous wear).

Alcon & Ciba Vision are also the manufacturers of the FreshLook range, the highest rated and most popular coloured contact lenses in the UK. They offer something for everyone after a stylish eye colour update alongside their visual correction. FreshLook Colorblends provide a subtle and alluring blend of three colours in one, while FreshLook Colors are for those after a more vibrant and striking change. A number of our FreshLook coloured contact lenses can also be purchased as planos (with zero prescriptive power), if you’re looking for contact lenses for cosmetic use only.

Alcon & Ciba Vision solutions

Alcon have formulated a variety of multi-purpose solutions, such as Opti-Free RepleniSH and Opti-Free Puremoist to ensure you can enjoy total convenience when cleaning and storing your contact lenses at the end of the day. Their advanced technology works to provide everything you need in one bottle, suitable for all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.

At, you can also find a quality hydrogen peroxide solution in AOsept Plus HydraGlyde by Alcon. This preservative-free formula ensures your lenses are kept exceptionally clean, comfortable and is designed for both soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses.

Alcon & Ciba Vision eye care products

At Feel Good Contacts, we’re delighted to stock the Systane range of eye drops for contact lens wearers. Tackle dry eyes with these premium eye drops, designed to rehydrate your lenses and offer fast and effective relief from discomfort. They are available in a bottle and vials for added convenience. As part of the Systane range from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision),they have also developed Systane Lid Wipes for irritable eyes, as a cleanser and to remove make-up.

Alcon have also established an innovative food supplement, ICaps Tablets. They are designed with vitamins and minerals, formulated to improve your vision.   

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