Coloured Contact Lenses for every Halloween Costume

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If you want to experiment this Halloween and wear coloured lenses, it can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve compiled the best coloured lenses to suit every Halloween costume.

What colour should you choose for your outfit?

Do you want the colour to match your clothes and make-up or be more of a contrast? Our coloured contact lenses come in 0 power and prescription versions, so everyone can enjoy a change to their natural eye colour.

Hazel contact lenses

Hazel contact lenses are probably the most versatile colour. Suitable for many different costumes, these neutral lenses will go with dark haired looks and any human-based character, such as Katniss Everdeen, celebrity actors/singers, a Disney princess, Cher from Clueless or a Ghost Buster. Hazel will add a subtle shift of colour to your eyes whilst still looking natural.

Another great option for these types of characters are the FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses. Unlike the traditional coloured lens, these add brightness, illumination and definition, all whilst making the eyes look bigger.

green painted witch costume

Green contact lenses

You don’t see a lot of green eyes around (just 2% of the world, in fact), so this should make your character stand out. Perfect for a witchy look, green coloured contact lenses will go well with any kind of green make-up look or outfit, to make everything look matchy-matchy (in a good way). These lenses would be ideal for medusa, The Hulk, Beetlejuice, Poison Ivy, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent or the Joker. You could try Expressions Colors (Singles) lenses which blends three different colours for an eye-catching gaze.

purple cheshire cat costume

Violet contact lenses

Not naturally occurring in nature (although Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes came close) violet eyes can be a mesmerising addition to your spooky fancy dress. Try FreshLook Colors contact lenses in the shade violet for a more unusual choice and seems a little more other-worldly. These lenses would suit an alien, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Blue contact lenses

Blue contact lenses can add some subtle mystique to your look. Choose a sapphire hue to dress up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, a pop art or comic book character, Emily from Corpse Bride, a mermaid or Harley Quinn. Try Soflens Natural Colors contact lenses in the shade Pacific, for a dramatic blue.

day of the dead sugar skull makeup

Grey contact lenses

For something a little different, grey contact lenses offer a hint of paleness to the eyes.

Zombie Contact Lenses

Grey is the perfect colour for a zombie costume as it can give you that ‘dead behind the eyes’ look. Wear a skeleton suit and some fake blood to complete the look

Vampire Contact Lenses

A vampire and just about any other mythical creature or ghoul you can think of. Air Optix Colors contact lenses in the shade Sterling Grey would work very well here.

Of course, there is some crossover in this list. For example, there’s no reason that violet contacts couldn’t also work well for a vampire or the Joker. Grey contacts in particular could also work for a witch, a wolf, a day of the dead sugar skull or a corpse.

What are cosplay contact lenses?

Cosplay is the art of dressing up as characters from well-known anime, television shows or films. Often these characters have different coloured eyes, especially the characters from anime, and people can wear coloured contact lenses to achieve these looks.

Where can I buy cosplay contact lenses?

This will depend on the type of character you’ve chosen. Coloured contact lenses are widely available. At Feel Good Contacts you’ll get an excellent price with speedy delivery.

Can cosplay contacts be prescription?

Yes you can get cosplay contacts with prescription, all of our coloured contact lenses are available with or without prescription. We have a wide range of coloured lenses that can be worn for a wide variety of costumes.

Are costume contact lenses safe?

Not all retailers are reliable and trustworthy places to buy your costume contact lenses from. All contact lenses are medical devices, even coloured lenses, therefore they must only be purchased with a prescription from your optician. It’s actually illegal to buy contact lenses without one. Here at Feel Good Contacts, our products go through strict safety measures to ensure you are safe while wearing our lenses.

Choose Feel Good Contacts for coloured lenses

Our wide range of coloured contacts come as monthly lenses and dailies. If you're likely to only need the lens once, then you might be better off choosing the dailies so you can bin them at the end of the night. However, if you've chosen a colour that you can see yourself wearing day to day, then the monthly option would be best.

If you choose to wear monthly coloured contact lenses, just make sure eye care is a priority by practising good contact lens hygiene. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up with an eye infection. Remember to always clean your contact lenses and store them in a solution, you could try comfi All-in-One solution for a quick and easy cleaning routine.

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