Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses allow you to safely change or enhance your natural eye colour. Colour contact lenses on our site are available in zero (plano) power without a prescription, or in plus and minus power for those who need a prescription.

Air Optix Colors
comfi Colors 1 Day
FreshLook Colorblends

Where to buy coloured contact lenses

At Feel Good Contacts, we’re proud to only sell branded colour contact lenses, in their original manufacturer’s packaging. This means you can be sure you’re getting genuine coloured contacts, at a much cheaper price than the high street.

Feel Good Contacts are delighted to stock a wide selection of coloured contact lenses, including best-selling products by FreshLook and Air Optix.

Is it safe to wear coloured contact lenses?

One of the biggest concerns with coloured lenses is whether they’re safe. Coloured contacts and contact lenses in general are safe to use, as long as you have a contact lens prescription from your optician, and you look after and store them lenses properly.

As with all contact lenses, it’s perfectly safe to buy coloured contact lenses online, provided you’re purchasing from a licensed contact lens retailer such as ourselves.

Cosmetic and corrective coloured contact lenses

We stock a wide range of coloured prescription contact lenses with a variety of different corrective powers.

In addition, we stock cosmetic contact lenses (or ‘planos’) for those after coloured contacts without a prescription. Unlike corrective coloured contact lenses, these are for cosmetic use only.

Before wearing planos, check with your optician that your eyes are suited to contact lenses and then make sure to select ‘0.00 – zero’ power when entering your details on the product page.

What types of coloured contact lenses are there?

There are two main types of color contact lenses: enhancement tinted lenses and opaque tinted lenses. Enhancement lenses add depth, definition and brightness to your eye’s natural colour, while opaque tinted lenses are specifically designed to change the colour completely.

We stock a wide selection of coloured contacts to help you achieve your desired eye colour, as well as a choice between daily disposable and monthly coloured contacts to ensure your lenses work well with your lifestyle.

Our most popular monthly coloured contact lenses include FreshLook Colors, opaque lenses renowned for adding depth and a striking update to your natural eye colour. We also stock Air Optix Color contact lenses, which offer a refreshing and vibrant change to your eye colour. For a subtler colour change, try FreshLook Colorblends, these offer an enhancement tinted lens that is available in a stunning range of 12 different colours.

How long can you really wear monthly contact lenses

As with all other monthly or two week lenses, you’ll need to remove your monthly coloured contact lenses at the end of every day, before cleaning and storing them in contact lens solution overnight. If you’re new to contact lenses, and want to try some monthly coloured contacts, we’ve written a helpful guide on how to look after your contact lenses.

Do daily contacts come in colors?

You can also find daily coloured contact lenses at Feel Good Contacts with FreshLook One Day and comfi Colors 1 Day. These coloured contacts offer a subtle eye colour change alongside the convenience of being a daily disposable lens. Why not shop by colour? We have a huge range of different coloured contacts to choose from:

  • Blue contact lenses
  • Brown contact lenses
  • Green contact lenses
  • Grey contact lenses
  • Hazel contact lenses
  • Violet contact lenses
  • Define contact lenses

Which coloured contacts will suit me?

Some coloured contact lenses are better suited to some hair colours and skin tones. However, it also depends on the type of eye colour update you’re after, whether it be a subtle enhancement of your eye’s natural colour or introducing an entirely different colour.

Those with lighter eyes looking to add a subtle change would typically find success with FreshLook Colorblends or SofLens Natural Colors, while those with darker eyes can achieve a striking look using opaque lenses such as FreshLook Colors.

If you're looking for a complete change of eye color (and not just an enhancement) then you'll need to wear opaque lenses if you have dark eyes. For more advice on what lenses work for dark eyes, visit our Eye Care Hub.

Are there coloured contact lenses for astigmatism?

While coloured contact lenses for astigmatism do exist, we do not currently stock them on our website. Colour contact lenses for astigmatism would require the additional parameter of colour which makes them more difficult to make.

What are the best colour contact lenses?

The ideal coloured lens for you will depend on your preferred wearing pattern and the colour intensity you're looking for. One also has to consider their prescription. The parameters of different colour contacts vary from brand to brand.

The best daily colour contact lenses

FreshLook One Day

FreshLook One Day

These daily disposable coloured contact lenses are available in four natural shades, including blue, grey, green and pure hazel. Made thinner for more comfort, these colour contacts will keep eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. Add these colour contact lenses to your daily routine or wear them for a night out.

comfi Colors 1 Day

comfi Colors 1 Day

comfi Color 1 day is also available as a Rainbow Pack which features one lens for every colour in the range. Try every colour before you commit to one. Available in Sweet Hazel, Gorgeous Brown, Timeless Grey, Divine Green, and True Blue. These daily coloured contacts will leave you spoilt for choice. The thin lens and patented hydrogel material will ensure all day comfort, moisture and hydration. To top it off, these dailies offer the added benefit of UV protection.

FreshLook Illuminate

FreshLook Illuminate

If you’re looking for depth and definition instead of colour, FreshLook Illuminate features a unique starburst pattern on these coloured contact lenses, surrounding the iris and brightening the appearance. As a result, eyes appear larger and more defined for an alluring yet natural look. Blink activated technology ensures the lens stays in place.

The best monthly colour contact lenses

FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends

Enhance your eye colour with FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses, the first ‘3-in-1’ colour contact lens, this stylish lens innovatively blends three different shades together, creating a look that enhances and blends seamlessly with your natural eye colour. The FreshLook Colorblends range comes in 12 colours, offering a wide selection of shades to choose from.

Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors

These monthly colour contact lenses provide flawless visual correction, with a range of nine colours to help you achieve a vibrant, yet natural look. Innovative 3-in-1 colour technology blends together 3 rings of colour around the iris to add depth and vibrancy to your eyes. Made from silicone hydrogel they will infuse your eyes with a healthy supply of oxygen, keeping them refreshed and comfortable all day long.

FreshLook Colors

FreshLook Colors

These daily disposable coloured contact lenses are available in six shades. Made thinner for more comfort, these natural coloured contact lenses will keep eyes refreshed all day long. Wear these color contact lenses as part of your daily routine, or for a special night out. The six colours in this range include blue, grey, green, pure hazel, sapphire blue and violet.