CooperVision Contact Lenses and Solutions

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CooperVision contact lenses and solutions

CooperVision commit to producing a wide range of premium soft contact lenses, designed to cater for all visual requirements and are known as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of eye care products. With health and comfort in mind, CooperVision are proud creators of renowned brands such as Avaira, Biofinity, Biomedics, Clariti, MyDay and Proclear. This exceptional range tackles a wide variety of visual needs, including short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

At, we stock an extensive range of CooperVision products, available for up to 50% cheaper than from your high street optician. For added savings, we offer a Price Match Guarantee and free delivery on all orders over €55 for even greater value for money.

CooperVision contact lenses

Offering the very best in terms of convenience and comfort, CooperVision’s daily wear contacts are designed to keep your eyes fresh, hygienic and comfortable from morning through till night. Daily disposable contact lenses from CooperVision include Clariti 1 Day, Proclear 1 Day, Biomedics 1 Day Extra and MyDay. With these daily disposable contact lenses, you’ll be hassle-free of any additional cleaning routine, as they can simply be disposed of after a full day’s wear.

If you’re a monthly contact lens wearer, then you’ll be delighted to find a wide selection of CooperVision monthlies available at BiofinityBiomedics 55 EvolutionProclear and Clariti Elite are just a few of our best-selling monthly contact lenses. 

You’ll also find CooperVision offer toric contact lenses for astigmatism, as well as multifocal contact lenses to correct presbyopia, at Feel Good Contacts. Those who require lenses for astigmatism can enjoy Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric, or one of our most popular monthly toric contact lenses including Biofinity Toric, Proclear Toric or Avaira Toric. CooperVision even cater to those with a higher degree of astigmatism in their extended range, such as the Biofinity XR Toric or Proclear Toric XR. They have been specifically created for more extreme cases of astigmatism, to fulfil their promise in correcting all types of visual needs.

You can even enjoy the freedom from wearing reading glasses with CooperVision contact lenses for presbyopia. Best-selling multifocal contact lenses include Proclear 1 Day Multifocal, Biofinity Multifocal and Proclear Multifocal. They have been developed to achieve clear vision at all distances and can also be purchased in an extended range for additional visual correction.

To meet your eye care needs, CooperVision have designed silicone hydrogel contact lenses, which guarantee high level of comfort during your contact lens wear. This allows up to six times the amount of oxygen to travel through the lens to reach the cornea than standard hydrogel contact lenses do. As a result, the heightened supply of oxygen refreshes the eyes over the course of the day, ensuring they stay fresh and feel comfortable. CooperVision’s popular silicone hydrogel lenses are Clariti 1 Day, Biofinity and Avaira Vitality.

Amongst their outstanding range, CooperVision’s impressive coloured contact lens, Expressions Colors can be worn for cosmetic purposes (plano or zero prescription), or as a stylish option for visual correction. Available in Aqua, Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Hazel and Grey, these coloured contact lenses are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a fashionable update for your eye colour.

CooperVision Contact Lens Solutions

Two weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses must be taken out every night before bed and maintained with a simple cleaning and storing routine. With CooperVision’s innovative multi-purpose solution, Options Multi, you can rely on an effective and healthy way to maintain the quality of your lenses. This gentle formula can be used for even the most sensitive of eyes, available at in a money-saving Triple Pack or handy Travel Pack for added convenience.

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