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Menicare Soft Product Description

Menicare Soft multi-purpose contact lens solution eliminates the need to buy multiple eye care products for your monthlies and two weekly contact lenses. The solution is compatible with all soft contact lenses, even contacts made from silicone hydrogel.

Though gentle, the impressive formula will effectively destroy the bacteria, protein and lipids that regularly gather on contact lenses during a full day’s wear. This means you won’t have to worry about any interruptions to your visual clarity when you put your lenses in the next morning and every morning throughout your lenses wearing cycle.

In addition, eyes are kept safe from the threat of irritation and infection when contacts are properly cleaned in Menicare Soft solution.

Clean, disinfect and rinse your contact lenses with the quality multi-purpose solution, then store them in the solution overnight to enhance the comfort of the lenses. Designed by Menicon, the solution adds a cushion of moisture to your contact lenses during storage, ensuring your eyes are kept comfortable while wearing lenses.

Menicare Soft is also available in a twin pack.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Multi-purpose solution to clean, store and rinse all soft contact lenses
  • Eliminates dirt, protein deposits and debris
  • Keeps lenses hygienic and comfortable
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