Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution

  • Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution
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Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution Product Description

Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution is made with a gentle formula by eye care specialists Bausch & Lomb. Designed for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes, this is suitable for all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses

The saline solution can be used to rinse your contact lenses and offer the benefits of being a sterile, pH-balanced formula. Made to work as smooth as your eyes, Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution has potassium, an ingredient found in your natural tears. So, you’ll be sure to experience enhanced comfort and hydrated contact lens wear every day. 

For use, the contact lenses can be rinsed in the Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution after they have been disinfected and prior to insertion. The solution is also safe to use after disinfecting your lenses with a hydrogen peroxide solution. In addition, enzyme tablets can also be diluted in the solution.

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Benefits & Features

  • Thimerosal free/Sorbic acid free
  • Daily use
  • Loosens debris, removes and protects against deposit build-ups
  • Can be used on lenses for sensitive eyes
  • Compatible as a rinsing agent to follow chemical and hydrogen peroxide disinfecting systems
  • Able to dilute enzymatic cleaning tablets.
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    Review {0} If your eyes are like mine; when I think dry I mean extremely dehydrated, this solution is exactly what you''ve been looking for - Plus Saline. Do not hesitate. Basch + Lomb Lover
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    Review {0} Good! Just what I need. No complain.
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    Review {0} This product does the job
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