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Ote Clean Product Description

Developed by Ote Optics, Oté Clean is compatible with all rigid gas permeable contact lenses and, despite its deep cleaning capabilities, is carefully formulated to be gentle for even those with even the most sensitive eyes. Enjoy a deep clean with minimal irritation with Ote Clean.

How does Ote Clean work?

With Oté Clean, you can be sure of an exceptional contact lens cleaner for removing any dirt or protein that’s built up on your lenses throughout the day. Ote Clean features the preservative Polyhexanide Biguanide, which ensures your lenses are kept clean and fresh. Worry less about the possibility of your contact lenses causing you irritation and enjoy unrivalled visual clarity whilst wearing your rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Ote Clean should not be used on soft lenses.


Can I carry Ote Clean in my luggage?

The 40ml bottle of Ote Clean is perfect for travel as it comes within cabin luggage restrictions and can fit without taking up too much room into your bag. Keep your rigid gas permeable lenses clean on the go with Ote Clean.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Contact lens cleaning solution
  • 40ml bottle
  • Suitable for use with rigid gas permeable contact lenses
  • Gentle formula for sensitive eyes
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