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Protect yourself and the people around you with environmentally friendly, reusable face masks from Feel Good Contacts. We stock the best face masks for glasses wearers, fashionistas and sport enthusiasts.
In addition to social distancing and washing your hands frequently, it is recommended that you wear face coverings when you're out.

Do I need to wear a face mask every time I leave the house?

Whilst it's not mandatory to wear face masks every time you leave the house, it is compulsory to wear face masks in certain shops and when getting on public transport. Whether you're riding on public transport or going for a walk to the shops, our washable face masks will ensure maximum comfort and protection. These masks are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-pollution.

What type of reusable face masks do you sell?

We stock popular face masks such as the AB Mask by The Body Doctor alongside our very own washable and reusable masks. The AB face mask offers a breathable experience and the odour eliminating fabric ensures that the mask stays fresh. In addition to this, it comes with its own carry case and a bespoke 5-layered filter.
At Feel Good Contacts, you can also buy AB Mask Replacement Filters to go with your AB Mask. These will filter out 95% of non-oily airborne particles.
Our Feel Good Face Masks are made from cotton. The soft woven, breathable fabric will create a barrier between you and pollutants/airborne particles. These cotton face masks feature adjustable ear loops with elasticated straps, allowing them to fit securely over your mouth, nose and chin.

Does it matter what sort of mask you wear?

It does matter what sort of mask you wear as different kinds of masks offer different levels of protection. Surgical face masks offer the highest level of protection; however, they also contribute to landfill waste and should be reserved for healthcare workers. Whilst you can't buy n95 masks, our masks and filters offer a high level of protection.

Is there an environmental concern with face masks?

Many commercially available masks are made from layers of plastic and are designed for single use. This design contributes to environmental waste which is why we have decided to stock reusable masks which are environmentally friendly.

How do I wear my reusable face mask?

To avoid getting fog on your glasses, you could also try The AB Mask Anti-Fog Cloth for glasses that stay fog-free for up to 48 hours after use.
Our face masks feature instructions on the packaging explaining how they should be worn. Please follow the instructions to ensure that the face coverings correctly fit around your mouth, nose and chin. You should ensure that you wash your hands before and after fitting and wearing the mask. When you are wearing the mask, you should avoid touching it with your hands to avoid transmission of bacteria.

How often do you need to wash masks?

It is suggested that you wash masks routinely after each use. All our masks are reusable and machine washable to ensure safety and hygiene.

Will a face mask provide protection from coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A face mask is not guaranteed to protect you against COVID-19, however it can help to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. It is recommended that you wear a face mask, however, they should not be regarded as a replacement to other safety precautions such as social distancing and self-isolation.
All our masks are machine washable, offering an eco-friendly alternative to disposable masks. In addition to this, we stock a range of fun and fashionable prints to keep you protected in style. Buy face masks from Feel Good Contacts and reduce the risk of viral transmissions.
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