Yearly Contact Lenses

Yearly Contact Lenses

Yearly contact lenses are less often prescribed than the daily, two week and monthly versions. However, visiting your eye doctor will help you figure out what lens type will be the best suited to your eye needs.

Can contacts last a year?

Yearly disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn every day for up to a year. This means they can be worn for 12 months, on a daily basis, before disposing. This is the perfect option for those who do not want the hassle of replacing their lenses often.

Find the perfect yearly contact lens for you, we stock Lunelle ES70 which offer UV protection, and Proclear Tailor Made Toric. Both of these high quality, soft contact lenses can be worn for an entire year.

How long do yearly contacts last?

Yearly contact lenses can last for up to a year, provided they are taken care of with a simple cleaning routine to maintain its quality. These one-year contact lenses must be removed before bed and require either a multi-purpose solution, or a combo of hydrogen peroxide and saline solution to clean, disinfect and store the lenses in. With this simple maintenance routine, you'll enjoy a healthy lens wearing experience.

How much are yearly contact lenses?

If you're looking for a more affordable lens for vision correction, yearly contact lenses could be the best option for you. Daily disposable lenses and monthly disposable lenses are more expensive compared to yearly contacts. Yearly lenses are cheaper in cost because you are only using 1 pair of lenses for the entire year, compared to the other wearing types which use more lenses.

How do I take care of yearly contact lenses?

Yearly contact lenses must be taken out at the end of each day to be cleaned and stored in solution overnight. As long as your lenses are applied and removed properly, along with a good contact lens cleaning routine, you should maintain healthy eyes with a low risk of infection.

How safe are contact lenses that claim to last up to one year?

Wearing contact lenses that are designed to last a year is very safe, provided you maintain a cleaning routine at night. As long as you take your contact lenses out at the end of each day, clean them and store them in solution overnight, your contact lenses can be used safely for the entire year.

Yearly contact lenses vs monthly

One of the main differences between yearly lenses and dailies as well as monthly lenses is cost. Yearly lenses work out cheaper because you only use one contact lens per year as opposed to using a new lens every single month. They are, however, more expensive to replace if lost or damaged. Although yearly lens are more affordable, monthly lenses are considered more hygienic because they are disposed of every thirty days, meaning they require replacing more often. The same level of comfort is achieved from both lenses if they are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Yearly contact lenses for astigmatism

Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that causes the eye shape to be more oval than spherical. Proclear Tailor Made Toric lenses are yearly contact lenses that are designed to correct astigmatic specifications.

Choose Feel Good Contacts for your yearly lenses

Other types of contact lenses sold at Feel Good Contacts include colored contacts, our cosmetic contact lenses make it easy to change your eye color for a stylish update. In addition to coloured contact lenses we also stock dailies, monthlies and two-weekly contact lenses, as well as multifocal lenses for presbyopia and toric lenses for astigmatism. You should contact your eye doctor to find the right lenses for you. Our prices are the lowest in Ireland, thanks to our Price Match Guarantee. Buy yearly contact lenses online from Feel Good Contacts and enjoy FREE delivery on orders over €55. Simply obtain your contact lens prescription and order today. For more information on yearly lenses, astigmatism or any other eye health questions you might have, please visit our Eye Care Hub. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team on 01 514 3614 or

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