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Persol is an iconic eyewear brand, born in Turin, Italy in 1917. Established by Giuseppe Ratti, these glasses were originally made for U.S. air force pilots and were known as the ‘The Protector’ glasses. They were both smart and reliable. 

It wasn’t long before the brand earned a reputation for being one of the best sunglasses makes in the world. Its evocative name came 18 years later and translates to ‘for sun’. It is now one of the oldest sunglasses’ brands in the world and also a well-respected brand of glasses. 

Priding themselves on excellent craftsmanship by fusing together aesthetically pleasing designs with technology, Persol has become a household name, and their glasses have gained popularity in the world of cinema.

You’ll find the brands signature Supreme Arrow on each model of glasses. In addition to this, they incorporate the brands patented Meflecto system, designed in the late thirties to make the rods more flexible and ensure maximum comfort.